Culture Hacking, Decentralized Narrative and use of internet networks

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Culture Hacking, Decentralized Narrative and use of internet networks


Vlad Teichberg + Alex Orlowski

Empowering small groups of people to speak to a large audience as they take on government and corporations. Many narratives released in right order can make a difference! Authenticity of actual human stories developed in way where the audience connects to protagonists vs memes and troll armies. structures and platforms for enabling anonymized testimionals and stories. Diffusion methods. Tools: Blogs/narrative, Social media engagement, tactics for timed release of information, legal coordination. Processing large amounts of information (emails, data etc) Tools for datemining and automated marketing, Analyzing social media posts to build connections between actors (trolls discovery and mapping) Tactics for release of whistleblowing information.


Alex Orlowski

People define me as a "digital spin doctor" :Digital strategist and accomplished filmmaker, founder of the agency WaterOnMars (WOM srl) , specialized in digital strategy using Social media intelligence, big data and creative contents to influence users and with an international expertise in political marketing 2.0.I'm an expert in political marketing 2.0 having directed around 10 election campaigns between Europe and South America.One of my passion is been to study and developed during this years the comportamental patterns of user’s behaviour during the lean-back or lean-foward experience while watching online videos and especially viral videos.I've followed the internet since the dawn of the medium and I've always been interested in the analysis of user behaviour in front of a video on the web. The attention of the viewer who stands before the computer is totally different than that dedicated to TV. Observing the relationship between the aesthetics of video and user behaviour that led to open Youlovehome an agency with a unique approach in Europe studying the users to develop the best content for them at the right time. We focus on the factors that create the desire to broadcast a video through social networks.I've started my career as advertising and music-video director and develop it due to the passion for internet communication in an expert of viral videos and social media strategy. I've been awarded for music-videos and adverts in every major festival in Europe and US.

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03/08/2018 23:52
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