Social after Facebook - Welcome to the IndieWeb

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Social after Facebook - Welcome to the IndieWeb


Federico klez Culloca

#deletefacebook is not enough. We need an alternative platform to communicate, publish and share information. The good news is that we had that all along! It's called the Web. In this talk we introduce the concept of the IndieWeb, a project to reclaim ownership of your data and your identity. We will then present various technologies and standards that you can already use to achieve this goal and, if you want, still be present on centralized social media like Twitter or Google+, using the concept of POSSE (Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere).



At mes3hacklab we work on the intersection between technology and society, trying to understand where computers and networks are taking us. We approach these matters both from a technical point of view (security, free software, new technical developments) and from a more "philosophical" angle (censorship, social control, digital rights).

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03/08/2018 17:00
30 minuti