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Culture Hacking, Decentralized Narrative and use of internet networks

  • Vlad Teichberg + Alex Orlowski
  • 03/08/2018 23:52
  • 1 ora 50 minuti

Empowering small groups of people to speak to a large audience as they take on government and corporations. Many narratives released in right order can make a difference! Authenticity of actual human stories developed in way where the audience connects to protagonists vs memes and troll armies. structures and platforms for enabling anonymized testimionals and stories. Diffusion methods. Tools: Blogs/narrative, Social media engagement, tactics for timed release of information, legal coordination....

IoT + A.I. = Singolarità

  • Marco Calamari a.k.a "Cassandra"
  • 04/08/2018 14:30
  • 50 minuti

L'Internet delle Cose è nota per essere un grave problema di privacy. Meno noto è che i metodi di sviluppo e deployment di flotte di oggetti IoT si siano molto evoluti, e che mettano nelle mani di pochi big player immani flussi di dati personali. Evidente, ma trascurato da tutti, è il fatto che gli oggetti IoT siano veicoli per installare Intelligenza Artificiale e Deep Learning nelle nostre case e sui nostri corpi. Come riemergerà il nostro mondo dalla "singolarità" causata dallo scontro di que...

inFOIAti — How to use Freedom of Information requests to open up the government

  • boter
  • 04/08/2018 16:30
  • 30 minuti
  • LAB

In this workshop I'll share my experience filing Freedom of Information (FOI) requests during the previous two years. I'll explain how to start filing FOI, how to navigate through the several offices and departments within the public sector to find the right place in which the data and documents you are looking for are probably stored. In addition, I'll briefly describe how I used FOIA to map government surveillance technologies and share tips and suggestions on how to improve your FOIA. Feel fr...

Free the data from Facebook's walled garden

  • vecna
  • 04/08/2018 17:10
  • 30 minuti
  • LAB

Facebook main assets is taking ownership of your data, allegedly, in your interest =) Facebook is a giant and the ramification of their technology are observed by many institutions: is it a monopoly? Is it a media company? Is it a platform for hate speech? We don't know, but is not even an hacker problem. Hackers problem is free the data, and with a smart combo of web-extension, HTML processing, data mining and privacy-preserving API, we'll show how it is possible to organize a distributed netwo...