Whistleblowing and investigative reporting: the case study of Irpileaks

Italian Hacker Camp

Whistleblowing and investigative reporting: the case study of Irpileaks


cecilia anesi + lorenzo bagnoli

Irpileaks was the first whistleblowing platform run by journalists in Italy (and using Globaleaks). The talk will show the results and challenges Irpileaks faced since it's set up in 2013, which include the handling of major leaks and investigations like the couchsurfing rapist or "Carte False". The talk shows in practice how leaking platforms and the help of hackers can improve the "watchdog" role of investigative journalism, enhancing bottom-up participation in the democratic process


Cecilia Anesi

Cecilia Anesi is a freelance reporter and co-founder of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI). IRPI is a centre for investigative journalism based in Italy and member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network and the OCCRP Network. A graduate in Journalism with Sociology from City University, London, Cecilia co-authored the investigative documentary on illicit waste trafficking in Europe, ‘Toxic Europe’, which won the Best International Organised Crime Report Award in 2011 and was nominated in the 2012 Data Journalism Awards by the Global Editors Network. Cecilia works in team that focuses its investigations mainly on Italian organised crime gangs and their transnational ties. As IRPI, she has published about doomed finance, frauds, corruption, environmental crimes and money laundering - exposing criminals through a glocal approach.

She has published investigative work on the Italian mafias in Africa, in Germany, in the UK, in Northern Europe and Latin America on regional, national and international media outlets.

Lorenzo Bagnoli

Lorenzo Bagnoli is a freelance reporter and board member of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI). . He earned a master's degree in Journalism at the Catholic University of Milan. He contributes to Q magazine and Il Fatto. In 2014 he published for Sperling & Kupfer Lezioni di mafia, a book based on 12 lessons of former national anti-mafia prosecutor Pietro Grasso. He writes mainly with social issues and works on transnational investigative journalism projects.

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03/08/2018 21:41
30 minuti